Innovation behaviours: the BEACONS model

At the beginning of this series we identified the creation of an innovation friendly environment as the third key element for innovation success. No company can be innovative if the environment does not encourage innovative behavior and does not groom creative ideas so that they can develop and grow. Now we will discuss what are the key elements of creating an innovation friendly environment by adopting the right behaviours. We at Kairos Management structure these behaviours in the BEACONS model.

We consider that there are seven critical behaviours:

  • Being BRAVE, not being afraid of moving out of our comfort zone as a company or an individual. This means controlling fear of the unknown, of failure, of resistance we may face from the company or co-workers and fear of damaging our business with Innovation (remember if you do not destroy your business someone else will).
  • Being ENERGETIC, moving fast, being dynamic and passionate about Innovation. You can be successful being first to market or a fast follower but not if you are slow, too late to identify the new trends and success opportunities.
  • Being an ADOPTER of new environments. You can not stay put when the world is changing around you. The sooner you accept the world has changed the bigger your chances of survival and success.
  • Being a CHALLENGER. Look for new ways and alternatives to today´s world, creatively challenge existing products, processes and methods. Do not accept “this is the way we do things here”.
  • Being OPEN to experimentation and risk. Accepting that with innovation there is a risk of failure but trusting people to keep trying with good ideas and eventually doing the right things.
  • Being a NURTURER of innovation. Innovation is like flowers… it takes seeding, watering, fertilizer, a good soil to grow and time and care to grow and bloom. Do not make innovation tougher by being impatient and killing ideas before they are fully developed.
  • Being a SIMPLIFIER. Sometimes you can start Innovation by looking no further than ways of simplifying what you are already doing. Innovation is not equal to sophistication, advanced technology or complication and very simple ideas can be a winner for your business.BEACONS

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