4_15_global-logistics-operator-improving-customer-service_articulo_normalBusiness Opportunity

Through a series of ambitious acquisitions, the company had become a leading global logistics player. After an initial focus on integration and cost reduction, the company had established customer service as its key competitive differentiator. It launched an Operational Excellence focused on improving it. Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score were the primary indicators.


A global customer survey is the first step in the approach. From the survey improvement areas and opportunities are identified.

Kairos Management worked with the company’s Spanish operations in defining specific improvement projects, training and coaching managers on the Lean Six Sigma principles, training improvement leaders (GBs) and executing the projects.


Overall customer satisfaction had significantly improved in last survey compared to previous one: overall satisfaction increased by 0.9 points in a 1 to 10 scale. Improvement was up to 2 points in the areas where the initiative had initially focused.